[ANN] Apache Karaf ecanter 2.1.0 has been released !

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[ANN] Apache Karaf ecanter 2.1.0 has been released !

The Apache Karaf team is pleased to announce Apache Karaf Decanter 2.1.0

This is a major maintenance release on Decanter 2.x series. Especially,
it provides:

* New JDBC collector
* Fix and improvements on the JMS collector and appender
* Upgrade Kafka collector and appender to support Kafka 1.x
* Improvements on the JMX collector to be able to execute MBean operations
* Add new raw and parser services

and much more !

You take a look on the Release Notes for details:


Installation instructions and source download are available on the website:


You can also take a look on the update documentation:


Enjoy !

The Apache Karaf Team