Apache Karaf 4.4.2 :: Error while creating Jasper report

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Apache Karaf 4.4.2 :: Error while creating Jasper report


I am facing an issue while creating a jasper report in Apache karaf 4.4.2. Maven is used for build and packaging.

I am using 'jasperreports-2.0.5.jar' JAR for creating this report. Thread when calls the method to create jasper report simply dies without throwing any error or exception. No error is shown in logs but no processing happens further.

After looking for a solution on google, I thought it is because
- The JAR is legacy and not an OSGI bundle
- It does not use OSGI aware logging

I tried substrituting JAR with Spring's bundle for jasper (http://ebr.springsource.com/repository/app/bundle/version/detail?name=com.springsource.net.sf.jasperreports&version=2.0.5)

It did not work. Found a solution somewhere like create a fragment of such non-OSGI JARs and use in your application. What are the steps to create such fragment? Do we have any ready features.xml of jasper to use in application as is?

If not fragment, can anybody help me to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance,