Apache ServiceMix 7.0.1 + Cellar 4.0.1-4 on windows strange/odd behaviour

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Apache ServiceMix 7.0.1 + Cellar 4.0.1-4 on windows strange/odd behaviour

I have a clean setup of ASM 7.0.1 on 3 hosts. On all hosts I have executed
feature:repo-add cellar 4.0.4
feature:install cellar

Then I have created group test. And added all hosts to this group. Commands
cluster:group-create test
3x cluster:group-pick default test

Then when I install hawtio or any other feature I run into problems.

cluster:feature-repo-add test hawtio 1.5.3
cluster:feature-install test hawtio

Sometimes bundles of feature don't show up until I call cluster:sync.
Feature located="cluster/local", but all bundles of that feature have
located="local" in test cluster group.cluster:bundle-stop/start does not
work on those bundles. If I restart whole karaf instance, after it boots up
bundles seem to have located = "cluster/local" and cluster:bundle-start/stop
seems to work.

2. If I edit org.apache.karaf.cellar.groups.cfg and
org.apache.karaf.cellar.node.cfg on instance1, changes are synchronized to
other instances in the cluster but those configs are on the blacklist!!!???
Also config.listener=false.

3. I have a feature which deploys a datasource file. Let's say the name is
org.ops4j.datasource-monitoring.cfg. I see that 3 pid configurations are
created. Seems that 1 for each node is created with some GUID appended.
Example org.ops4j.datasource.bd7ebe90-0d25-4ea9-8529-64923f25f7f6. Then If I
must change url I have to call the command cluster:config-property-set test
org.ops4j.datasource.GUID url jdbc:mariadb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3306/db_name
3x, once for each GUID/UUID. Is there a better/correct way to handle this???


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