Custom distro: Matched URI can't use version ranges

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Custom distro: Matched URI can't use version ranges

João Assunção
Hello all,

I'm using a custom distro where one of the features uses  version ranges. During assembly the following warning occurs:
[WARNING] Matched URI can't use version ranges: mvn:org.apache.karaf.features/standard/[4,5)/xml/features 

As a side effect the distro will not only include features from karaf 4.2.7 but also from 4.2.6. Isn't clear why it includes 4.2.6.
Apparently the feature that is causing this issue is aries-jax-rs where features.xml includes this line:

Another question. During assembly the plugin attempts to download org.knopflerfish.kf6:log-API:jar:5.0.0. Because this artifact is in one repository not mirrored by my organization's nexus, I added an exclusion to org.apache.karaf.features:framework dependency to make the assembly work. I didn't find this bundle in the official karaf distro, so I guess is safe to exclude it, right ?

Thank you

Best regards,
João Assunção

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