ECF Oxygen with Python Services

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ECF Oxygen with Python Services

Scott Lewis
ECF recently released version 3.13.7 (Oxygen).

One highlight of the release relevant to this community is that the ECF
RS SDK and dependencies are now available via Maven Central [1].  This
is also reflected in our Karaf install [2]. As well, all our
distribution both and our github org [3] are
now built with Maven.

As another highlight, recently there has been  work on the Jax-RS
provider [4], upgrading the Jersey-based provider and allowing Jax-RS
features and extensions via declarative services.

Finally, new Java<->Python remote service distribution providers are
available [1].  These providers allow OSGi services to be implemented in
Python and consumed in Java, and/or to be consumed in Python and
implemented in Java.   The OSGi service dynamics, classloading,
security, use of DS and/or other injection frameworks, versioning, etc
is all available to services implemented in Python.  See here [5] for a
short tutorial.