ECF R7 Remote Services released

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ECF R7 Remote Services released

Scott Lewis
ECF 3.14.0/Photon Remote Services/RSA is released.

Here are the highlights:

[1] OSGi R7 Remote Services:   async remote services, intents, and
supporting distribution providers

[2] More Karaf features:   etcd discovery, distribution,
jms/activemq distribution, mqtt distribution, and other Karaf features

[3] Bndtools 4 support:   Workspace, project, and bndrun templates

[4] Remote services and RSA between Java and Python via Python.Java
distribution provider

[5]* Gogo console commands for Remote Service development

[6]  Other additions



*There is a bug in Karaf 4.2.0:  that prevents some of
these commands from working properly.  It is resolved as fixed in 4.2.1,
but I haven't verified this fix.