How is config admin data stored?

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How is config admin data stored?


I created a Karaf feature that contains a configuration block and when I install it into Karaf it is properly recognized and registered with the given PID. I can however not find where Karaf stores that configuration information. I assumed that a new file with the corresponding PID will be created in the 'etc' folder, but that is clearly not the case. However I can go to the configuration web page of Karaf, make some changes, exit and restart Karaf and the changes are remembered, so they are clearly stored somewhere.

Can you please enlighten me where the configuration data is stored.

Oh, and by the way, why does the CA not create a file in /etc if a change is made?
Because if such a file exists it is updated when a change is made in the CA, that's why I assumed the CA would create one if I provide a configuration via a feature.xml as well.