JacksonJsonProvider not working with CXF Blueprint

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JacksonJsonProvider not working with CXF Blueprint

Hi there,

I tried to configure a simple CXF JAXRS service and use Jackson as the JSON provider. I did follow the CXF user documentation to configure the Jackson provider but it is ignored and default jettison does the work. I use the exact configuration without any issues in a plain Spring context (slightly adapted for different xml names obviously).

Adding the skip.default.json.provider.registration=true property to the <jaxrs:server> does seem to do little difference.

I created a quick start demo of the issue: https://github.com/bertramn/cxf-jackson-osgi-blueprint-issue

I also noticed that when I create and configure a <cxf:bus id="someBus" /> and try to reference this on the <jaxrs:server bus="someBus" ... /> the blueprint will fail with a can't resolve id error.

Did anyone came across those issues?