Kar deployment - customizing of KAR unpacking into system folder

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Kar deployment - customizing of KAR unpacking into system folder


   I'm using features-maven-plugin Version 2.2.8 to create a .Kar file and .Kar generates features XML along with all the transitive dependencies. It also bundles some of the Spring jars i.e.,
  1. org.springframework/spring-beans/3.0.7.RELEASE
  2. org.springframework/spring-core/3.0.7.RELEASE
  3. org.springframework/spring-asm/3.0.7.RELEASE
  4. org.springframework/spring-context/3.0.7.RELEASE
  5. org.springframework/spring-aop/3.0.7.RELEASE
  6. org.springframework/spring-expression/3.0.7.RELEASE
          because of these Spring Jars when the .KAR is exploded into the system folder, the ApacheService Mix is getting crashed. To avoid this issue i'm manually excluding these Jars in the POM that generates the .KAR file.

      Please let me know if there is an option or any configuration available to say that the .KAR can be exploded into some custom folders like <local repo> within the KARAF_HOME folder and features would be installed from that.