Kar undeploy removes all dependency bundles along with it

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Kar undeploy removes all dependency bundles along with it


I am Hot deploying my KAR bundles into the deploy directory. I have a case where I undeploy all my KAR files and try to restart the esb service.

I realize that on undeploy (removing the KAR from deploy directory), it removes all bundles including system bundles along with it. In this case there is a dependency on commons-io bundle, and this gets removed. And so when I do an esb service restart, fuse esb never starts up again.

<feature name="sample"

The condition here is
1. If I remove this dependency, then I am assured that fuse esb service starts up with problems on undeploy
2. Fuse comes with default version of 1.4. But I have a dependency on version 2.4 of commons-io, which gets specified here. And when I do undeploy, the whole of commons-io gets removed along with the undeploy action ie removing both 1.4 and 2.4 setting the esb system in an error state.

Any tips or solutions to avoid this problem please?