Karaf 2.9.9 and UPnP

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Karaf 2.9.9 and UPnP


I want to add UPnP functionality to my App using Karaf 2.9.9. I use the latest stable version, with felix as the OSGi framework.
For this I'm trying to start the following two bundles:
- Apache Felix UPnP Base Driver (0.8.0), and
- Apache Felix UPnP Extra (0.4.0)

When I try to start them in an unaltered Framework I get an Exception starting both, pointing to an unresolved constraint ("org.osgi.service.upnp"). Since this is OSGi framework functionality, I add the package to the  "org.osgi.framework.system.packages" in the config.properties.

This starts the Apache Felix UPnP Extra (0.4.0) bundle, but the Apache Felix UPnP Base Driver (0.8.0) is still not starting. (an Exception, Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.osgi.service.upnp.UPnPDevice ...)

As far as I know this bundle is implemented in Felix' org.osgi.compendium.
But simply adding this to the framework completeley interferes with Karaf's own stuff - nothing is working then. (Exceptions at startup, shell not working etc.)

Has anybody successfully used the UPnP bundles with Karaf 2.9.9?
Or is there a way to add the compendium bundle to the framework without wrecking everything else?

Does anybody know how to fix these problems?

All I can think of is wrapping the compendium bundles and exporting the necessary packages from it. But this deems ugly.