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Karaf auto deploy when started

Hey guys,

I am a Karaf newbie and I have a question regarding the way karaf deploys applications/features (.kar). From what I understand the usual way Karaf does that is the following:

1. Karaf starts up
2. After karaf starts up, any application that I put in the deploy directory will get picked up and installed

Here is my scenario:
1. Karaf is not running
2. I put a kar file (my application) in its deploy folder
3. I start Karaf

I expect Karaf to pick up my application in the deploy folder, but it doesn't. I have to "touch" the kar file in order for Karaf to see it.

Looks like Karaf ignores anything put in its deploy folder prior startup.

Is that expected and if it is, is there a way to make Karaf scan its deploy folder after it starts up and install the contents.

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,