New Jersey+JaxRS for Remote Services on Karaf

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New Jersey+JaxRS for Remote Services on Karaf

Scott Lewis
There is a new version of the Jersey Distribution Provider [1] for ECF's
impl of OSGi R7 Remote Services.  The new version uses Jersey 2.30.1 and
depends upon an updated version of ECF (3.14.6)

ECF's impl of the OSGI R7 Remote Services Specification [2] allows for
pluggable transports known as distribution providers [3].

This article [4] shows how to use Karaf, Declarative Services, ECF
Remote Services [5] and the Jersey Distribution Provider to implement,
expose and consume a simple remote service via Karaf features.

ECF also has a Bndtools workspace with remote service project templates
to simplify remote services development [6].