OSGi bundles for java & non-java 3PP's

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OSGi bundles for java & non-java 3PP's


We are building a product that uses the apache hadoop & hbase frameworks for handling some of our big data requirements. We are also using Oracle for our reporting requirements. We are keen to go with the OSGi way of bundling our software to take advantage of the remote deployment,service management & loosely coupled packaging features that OSGi offers.

We have a few doubts in this area:

1)When it comes to our own Java apps, we now know how to create OSGi bundles out of them and deploy them over OSGi.But how do we handle Java based 3PPs that have a clustered architecture, for example HBase/Hadoop? We saw that Fuse Fabric has created a Hadoop (actually only HDFS not Map Reduce) bundle, but in general how do you go about creating bundles for 3PP's?

2)How do we handle non-java based 3PPs like for example Oracle. Should we create a OSGi bundle for it and deploy over OSGi or should we install these 3PP's outside of OSGi and write some monitoring scripts that are triggered over Fuse Fabric to track the status of these 3PP's? Are you aware of any best practices in this area?