Release PaxExam Karaf Testframework 0.5.0

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Release PaxExam Karaf Testframework 0.5.0

Andreas Pieber
Hey Guys,

I've finished the fifth feature release of the Pax Exam Karaf Testframework right now (seams to become a new-year-baby :-)) and pushed it to maven central (should be there within the next hours). 

Compared to the previous version (0.4.1 [1]) I've only upgraded the versions for the integration tests (karaf to 2.2.5, servicemix to 4.4.0, openengsb to 2.2.2) and SMX to the final version 2.3.0 [2]. This notification is mostly for ppl already using the framework; the upgrade should be painless. Newcomers can either take a look at [3] or give the karaf-trunk directly a shot. The sources are already there and are waiting patiently for a 3.0 release of karaf :-)


Kind regards,