Scheduler with JNDI Datasource

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Scheduler with JNDI Datasource


I'm trying to integrate the scheduler feature into karaf.

We're using the karaf-maven-plugin to create a distribution packate. The
scheduler feature is defined in the pom.xml as bootFeature.

This works fine with the RAMJobStore.

But if I configure a JDBC datasource via JNDI I run into a problem when
starting karaf.

The scheduler feature is activated before the jndi feature. The scheduler is
initialized immediately and since jndi is not available, the jndi url cannot
be resolved. Hence the initialisation fails and the scheduler cannot be

It would help if the scheduler is started after the jndi feature - are there
any possibilities to control the start order?

Or even better: is there any possibility that the scheduler is created when
the jndi url is available?


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