Using Spring-WS within Karaf

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Using Spring-WS within Karaf

Giorgos Markakis
Spring WS is the "swiss knife" for creating document-driven Web services.  This powerful tool is not just limited to web services, a series of other very powerful technologies are supported such as IMAP, POP3, REST, JMS, XMPP.  Spring WS makes the creation of clients that can invoke these technologies an extremely easy task via the use of the powerful  WebServiceTemplate Class.
I have been trying to make use of Spring WS services in order to create an agent which calls a webservice exposed as an OSGI service within Karaf. Unfortunately it was proven to be an extremely complicated task to get Spring WS running within Karaf, but I finally manged to get it running by adding the following feature file containing all necessary dependencies for Spring WS. I used spring-dm in order to deploy the new client and the results were more than satisfactory. I also used spring quartz to create a scheduler for my client.

Wouldn't it be nice to include these nice features in an upcoming version of karaf (along with the spring,spring-wec & spring-dm features)? . You can use the spring-features.xml in order to make use of these. I hope that members of the community will find these useful...