Using features to extend existing configuration

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Using features to extend existing configuration
Hi Karaf Users & Developers,

for me it looks like that there is currently no way to extend an existing configuration file by installing a feature. But this is, what I would need for my use case and what would be great IMHO for other users as well.

Here is my idea.

If a property already exists within a configuration file this property should not be changed. But if a configuration file does not contain a certain key, this key=value should be added at the end of the configuration file.

<config name="">
  myProperty = myValue

If does not contain myProperty before the feature containing this example was installed, then myProperty=myValue should be added to file.

This would make it possible to extend existing configuration files for custom needs. A general use-case could be logging. My application would like to add a logger configuration in case this logger is not configured already.

2. Example
<config name="org.ops4j.pax.logging">, stdout, osgi:VmLogAppender


Best regards.