Vaadin TouchKit sample app, called "ukelonn", running on karaf

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Vaadin TouchKit sample app, called "ukelonn", running on karaf

Steinar Bang
I have a real world test case for trying out new web technologies: a
weekly allowance application for my kids where they register the chores
they do, and we register payments.

The various technologies tried have in common, that:
 1. They are web based
 2. The are Java/OSGi based
 3. I'm running the web application in karaf

Right now the repository have two working branches
 using-primefaces (uses JSF and primefaces)
 using-vaadin (uses vaadin touchkit)
there is a barebones hello world rendersnake variant on

The vaadin version is currently "in production" and I'm pleased with the
App-like look and feel of vaadin TouchKit.

All code (class names, variable names, commits etc.) are in English.

All UI texts are in Norwegian only (I'm not adverse to taking l10n pull
requess...) and the README is in Norwegian.

To try it out (using the gogoshell launcher, rather than karaf):
 git clone
 cd ukelonn
 mvn install
 cd ukelonn.gogoshell
 mvn pax:provision

When the command line says "Runner has successfully finished his job!"
it is possible to open http://localhost:8090/ukelonn/ in a browser.
Username/password for a user session is jad/1ad
Username/password for an admin session is on/ola12

The webapp in the gogoshell uses a derby in-memory database with default

The user session interface is intended for use on a smartphone.
The admin session interface is intended for use on a tablet.

The README contains instructions, unfortunately in Norwegian only, for
how to run the webapp in karaf, both with the derby test database and
with a real PostgreSQL database.

Other interesting things in this application, are:
 1. Using shiro for authentication and authorization
 2. Piggy-backing feature creation on the bundles (ie. each bundle
    creates its own feature file and the module ukelonn.karaf createes a
    feature repository that can be added to karaf)