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Using ServiceMix 5.4/Karaf 2.4.1/Cellar 2.3.4

I have 3 karaf instances in a cluster, the root instance works fine with my web service app. The two other instances (node1 & node2) in the same servicemix installation do not run the app, complaining about missing "javax.jws".  Searching this list, I found some references to the file.  I looked at said file and compared the root instance version of the file with the two other instances' files where jws was concerned.

Root version of specifies:

in each block,

while other instances specify:

in each block.

I edited the jre.preperties files so that they all now specify version="2.0" in those places and the app now works on all instances in cluster.  Bug in creating new karaf instances in not copying correctly?